Associate Minister Division

Associate Min DivTo gain greater understanding of the call to ministry and the relationship and role of an Associate Minister especially as relates to the under shepherd and congregation.


Laymen Division

To enlist and coordinate the manpower of the local congregation for an effective performance of essential Christian activities.
To cultivate the Christian life of laymen through study, worship, fellowship and service.
To enlist the un-churched for fellowship in and service through the church and to bring the unsaved into vital relations with God in Christ through personal commitment to Him.
To inspire the laity to support the total program of the Church in the local congregation, the community, the denomination and the world.


Ushers and Nurses Division

ushers nurse div

The heart of an usher and a nurse is the heart of a servant, and does their work for the Lord Jesus Christ. A church usher and nurse have a true love for the people of the church and a desire to promote an atmosphere of reverence and worship in the house of God. An usher’s theme verse could very well be (Psalm 84:10) “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” This division will seek to encourage faithful service through instruction and collaboration.


Liturgical Division


To engage the entire body of CSMBC in this form of worship by instruction and ministry. Many of our churches have engaged in incorporating the

Dance, Mime and other forms of Liturgical expression, this division will provide for the greater meaning and effective use of this form of worship.


Young Adults Division

YoungAdTo provide Youth & Young Adults of the CSMBC Member with introductory, intermediate and advanced studies in spiritual knowledge of the Bible, Baptist Doctrine, Roles and responsibilities of membership in the body of Christ, and Christian living; including how to develop a personal relationship with God.  To optimize the experiences of our youth through fellowship, love for one another, service to God, and being a witness for Christ, often operating under the apprenticeship of the adult ministries, and within the overall goals of The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention.


CT Baptist Convention

Join us as we present Jesus Christ in an informative and insprational manner that is contemporary, creative, credible and caring way to the people of God.

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